Will it be a banner year for Dallas-Fort Worth?

Jill Cowan, an economy writer for the Dallas News says that 2018 will be a banner year for the D-FW area if Amazon HQ2 ends up in Dallas – Fort Worth.  Link:  https://www.dallasnews.com/business/amazon/2017/12/29/2018-could-banner-year-d-fw-amazon-chooses-north-texas-hq2

She is absolutely correct.  But, any area that gets selected is going to have a banner year.  The area that gets selected for the next Amazon Headquarters, code-named Amazon HQ2, will surely be positive with a possible 50,000 tech jobs and $5 billion in investment.  The other side of that, which she mentions is that it will also be a downside and distraction based on tax incentives that might have been promised in the areas official bid.

It should be noted that the D-FW area is a top pick of the Wall Street Journal raking.  The story is behind a paywall but other media outlets are saying that the reasons given include the lack of a state income tax, low cost of living in Texas, and a strong labor force.

Source: NBC DWF Channel 5

I do not think we will know for a while.  I myself think that Texas isn’t far enough East for the new headquarters.  Many people think that the fact that Bezos owns a newspaper and home in DC or a home in Texas gives them an advantage.  I do not think that where his home is located really makes any difference.  He has five huge homes and adding a 6th home will most likely not be that hard for him to do.

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