WSJ Ranks Amazon HQ2 Cities

A article goes over the Wall Street Journal City picks for the Amazon HQ2 prize.

Of the 238 proposals, it ranks several that might have a shot at winning.  The interesting graph helps to illustrate.

I like to compare the cities to Seattle to see how an HQ2 would compare to HQ1.  Looking past the ranking numbers to me you can almost rule out Austin, which others have as a top pick.  The Tech Labor force, Fiscal Health and College Population is too low.  New York cost of living is too high and so is the State Tax Rank.  Same issue for Washington DC and Boston.  In this list in the only places that make sense are Atlanta, then Dallas.  The graph here helps to show that based on HQ1 they want a fairly even ball (let’s just call it a multi-colored ball inside the graph for ease of description).  Yes, Seattle does have one pie piece out of whack and bigger than the rest in Culture Fit.  Atlanta has one piece out of whack with Cost of Living, which in this case is a good thing not a bad.  The rest of the balls are fairly normal and rounded.  The criteria were pretty big, really no one fit all of it.  It seems that a city that is more overall level would be the best selection.  If you add in geography and weather than Dallas and Atlanta seem like a great fit.  Diversity and a great Airport with the fact that Amazon already has offices in Atlanta in my mind puts the HQ2 in Atlanta Georgia.

What are your thoughts?

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