Boston hoping to be on HQ2 Short-List

Every region that put in a bid is hoping to be on the short-list, no doubt.  However, the point that The Boston Herald makes is a good one.  Being on the short-list is huge and frankly when it comes down to it might pay off as much overall as the HQ2 winner.  Being on the “short-list would create a significant amount of entry with respect to business growth for the city and the state”. – Richard Taylor, director of Suffolk University’s Center for Real Estate.  Of course, the article was referring more to an accepted top of the list after the short-list but it is true that just being on the list could bring in other companies to take a look.  Start a business and real estate boom in the area.  Just being named to the shortlist could have the effect of people coming in and buying up homes and regions to just make sure they are hedging their bets.

I do believe that just being on the short list will do for Boston what it should do for Atlanta, get the long-term issues of transportation where cities and counties will start to work together for possible solutions.  The initial rush to get bids in for regions was big, but most of it for some areas was just talk.  Being on a short-list will put those regions into hyperdrive to show progress on areas that are weaknesses.  Meanwhile, it will bring in other businesses who will want to jump in and shore up areas and real estate purchases as seen as investments.


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