Denver Doesn’t Want HQ2

Please it or not, not everyone wants Amazon HQ2 in their city.  Some cities have submitted bids but because of what was offered or what HQ2 coming would mean, not everyone is behind it.

Denver is a good example.  According to, a CNBC/Survey Monkey Survey shows that only 48% of people living in Denver and the surrounding areas say that landing HQ2 would be a good thing.  Even less would say that they would like to work at a Denver facility.  11% say that they would want to work for Amazon.  The San Jose area had a similar poll and it was only 10%.  17% of Denver residents say that it would definitely not in a good thing to have Amazon HQ2 in Denver.

Not everyone knows about Amazon HQ2 and what it would mean.  But, in general, if you ask in a poll if you want new jobs to come people are going to say it is a good thing.  I think overall there is still some backlash to Amazon such as there is to Wal-Mart moving into a small town.  If you are from a small town you understand what that means.

If you look at national numbers you see that 55% say that it definitely would be a good thing for their area, while 38% say possibly.  I do not think that Denver is in the running from what I have seen on data on cities and regions.  It might have the culture but even though it wasn’t stated I would have to assume that something further away from Seattle is going to be a deal breaker.

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