Why These Amazon HQ2 Bids Won’t Win.

Jon Talton, who is also in an AJC video talking about the Amazon HQ2 goes over why a few cities/regions will not be winning the Amazon HQ2 RFP bid.

You can read his article, “(Trying to give) a fair shot to other Amazon HQ2 candidates“.

Jon says that he doesn’t have any inside knowledge about where HQ2 will go and that maybe even CEO Jeff Bezos already had his mind up beforehand.

His picks are Denver, Dallas, New York City, Boston and DC.  With Atlanta as the dark horse, as well as the Twin Cities and Pittsburgh.

Austin – Why not Austin?  His knocks Austin for its failure to build rail transit and the lack of a major airport.  A smaller region and the same can be said for North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park.

Philly – Why not Philadelphia? Deep poverty and high crime.  Racial division and political corruption.



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