Georgia lawmakers tackling one thing hurting Atlanta’s bid: transporation

Atlanta and it’s MARTA other means of public transportation isn’t as bad as some regions.  However, Atlanta and the traffic issues are well known, even though it isn’t as bad other other big metro areas.  The main issue for Atlanta is that is a big metro area that is fit inside of wooded mountain areas and it causes issues like to go East or West you have to first go South or North.  Public transportation exists but it doesn’t go outside of the perimeter and big counties like Cobb and Gwinnett have previously fought expansion from the city to the burbs.  Many have seen this as a racial issue and there might be some truth to that, not facts that extending the transportation would bring more violence, just facts in that is what some people are thinking and to why it hasn’t happened yet.

Personally, I think racism is something that shouldn’t exist in Atlanta.  I wasn’t born yesterday, I understand that racism exists, but this is one of the most diverse regions in the nation.  But, anyway, this has been an issue why you don’t see railways all the way out to the burbs.  Another issue that Georgia state lawmakers and funding hasn’t wanted to fund Atlanta based transportation.  The other big issue out there is control of the lines, each county wants to build their own organization and control the money and the project.

You should be able to get on the MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) in Lawrenceville or somewhere in outer Gwinnett and ride into work downtown.  Or you should be able to get on the MARTA from downtown and ride out to the new Braves ballpark in Cobb County.

The myAJC has an article about Georgia lawmakers trying to finally tackle transit funding in metro Atlanta.

Atlanta’s traffic mess and Amazon’s search for Amazon HQ2 was given for reasons that the ball might finally be rolling.  It is now an urgent priority at the Capital and county courthouses.  And on Jan 2nd a new Atlanta mayor was sworn into office.

The House of Representatives commission is discussing ways to boost state funding for public transportation.  It would have to come in the way of a spending bill on capital projects.  They want to combine the alphabet soup of agencies that provide transit services in the metro Atlanta area.  Fulton and Gwinnett county are planning transit referendums in November but they will need state legislation to allow local governments to collect transportation sales taxes for at least 20 years to make it happen.

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