Amazon exceeding 500K employees

Amazon has announced that a second headquarters, named HQ2, will be opened in North America.  Amazon HQ2 is excepted to employ 50,000 people.  The Seattle headquarters employees 40,000 people over 33 buildings.  Recent news outlets have reported recently that Amazon employs 380,000 worldwide.  That number does not include 87,000 employees from the Whole Foods purchase or the future 50K employees at HQ2.

Cities and regions all across North America has been bidding to get HQ2 in their city but even the amazing number of 50K jobs is only 10% of that huge workforce.

Assuming normal growth, within a year, they should be exceeding 500K employees. GeekWire states that Amazon is planning to add another 100K full-time jobs in the U.S. by mid-2018, growing its domestic workforce by 55 percent.  This doesn’t include another 50K people who are to be hired in its fulfillment centers.  The Amazon jobs site currently has 17K open positions.

If you are interested in working for Amazon and at HQ2 I am compiling resources and building a few new websites on how to train to work for Amazon and how to get hired.  Look for that coming soon.


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