Paddy’s Power – Can it be trusted?

Can Paddy’s Power be trusted? No, it can’t.  I mean, sure it is fun, but it shouldn’t be taken as a reliable source as many media and news outlets are doing right now.

No offense to Paddy’s Power but honestly, it is a bookmaker over in Ireland.  No doubt they don’t mind being mentioned in every single article about Amazon HQ2 and where it will be located.  They run all sorts of odds and don’t know anything more than anyone outside of Amazon offices do.  It sells bets to people in Ireland about all sorts of things U.S.

In fact, they have odds right now on the year that Trump is impeached.  2018 is 9/4 odds, 2019 is 4/1 odds and 2020 is 16/1 odds.

You can bet on whose nuclear button is bigger?  Donald Trump at 4/7 and Kim Jong-Un at 5/4.  They will determine this if they are able to confirm dimensions of buttons by the media before December 31st, 2018.

You can bet on Trump NFL specials and bet on if and how many Super Bowl players will kneel during the National Anthem.

Let’s see.

If Trump publicly references a county that doesn’t exist in a press conference.  10/1.  If the White House confirms that Trump uses a body double.  66/1.  If Trump challenges Eminem to a Rap Battle via Twitter.  500/1.

Ok, do you see the point?

Boston is the top at 3/1 to win the Amazon HQ2 bid.  Boston… and all of the betting is in Ireland.  Go Celtics!

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